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Sustainable Fashion! Upcycled Soda Tab Accessories

Aluminium is 100% recyclable, meaning that the metal can be melted down without losing any quality. It is extremely important to us that the cans that we take the tabs from are returned into the cycle and not thrown into landfills. Recycling of aluminium not only saves 90% of energy needed to create new aluminium, but it also avoids the mining of Bauxite, used for aluminium production. Every year, recycling avoids nearly 5% of the world's total mining of Bauxite, and that is just from recycling aluminium cans. 

The use of aluminum presents great potential for increasing the sustainable use of energy. For example, aluminum’s light weight contributes to increased fuel efficiency in vehicles ranging from passenger cars to armored tanks. The metal’s 95 percent light-reflectivity contributes cooling efficiencies to “green” buildings and improves the energy production efficiency of solar cells. The aluminum industry is making continuous improvements in the environmental efficiency of producing aluminum through primary and secondary processes.

@hookinghands we offer a variety of products made with recycled soda tabs. A single bag can have more than one thousand can tabs that are hand-knitted one by one, creating a one-of-a-kind work of art. We guarantee each piece will stand out and make a statement, not only because of its unusual material but because we have sophisticated and innovative designs. We hope to inspire people to change their lifestyles and reuse and repair products, giving them a new life and purpose. 

Dowload our catalog of our exclusive upcycled collection here. 




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